Monday, July 15, 2013

The Book of Acts and Corporate Capitalist Politics

Read your Bible. It'll make a social misfit out of ya~!

Here's a little insight into how some of my daily devotions in Scripture goes. (No, I don't keep an actual Journal!) Not always. But when confronted with the basic selfishness of people, one can become quite a curmudgeon from reading The Bible. It's a wonderfully Anti-humanistic tract that puts all politicizing in it's place!

Btw, I'm currently going through the New Testament in a Year plan on Bible Gateway. The daily emails are in NIV, but I actually read the passages in NT Wright's Kingdom New Testament. I'm stil struggling to know where I stand on a couple of his translation choices. It may not be a good one to use for daily readings for that reason. But I'm already in it, so I'll stick with it for now. Maybe Wright will tidy up some things in future editions? 

After that, I hope to use the Old Testament in Two Years plan on My hope is to go through the entire Bible consistently over and over again for as long as I'm still a-breathin'!


(In order)

1. "Industry sees a threat to Capitalist profits."

2. "Stirring up the labor forces!"
3. "The Mission of Yahweh threatens to break the bonds of the 'Artemis ad industry" over their minds..."
4. "Public Opinion is rallied on behalf of industry."
5. "Racist assumptions in the mix!" 

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