Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Are we done believing in that Patriarchy Bullshyt, yet?

Ran across this on Tumblr today:

Patriarchy (the “gender binary” as we’d call it) makes no sense as a system if one posits that it was created by and for men, enforced and perpetuated by men, and universally fucks women over. Literally, it reads more like raving lunatics talking about the Illuminati than a sensible social theory; it requires men to simultaneously be preternaturally organized, intelligent and cunning, yet so stupid that they couldn’t manage to end up better-off than the people they were supposedly oppressing. It requires men to have been able to communicate across continents before we’d even figured out how to sail, and to have “oppressed” women for longer than most religions have existed. As some have pointed out, if there were a single argument supporting the idea that women are inherently inferior, patriarchy theory would be it. It posits that men have successfully oppressed women since basically forever, up until the point where they voluntarily started changing things because women asked nicely.” 


Also, the same blogger has a good breakdown of why Patriarchy Theory doesn't work:

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