Monday, December 17, 2012

It Never Fails (A Reflection On Connecticut You Might Not Like)

It never fails. I see this pattern just bout every time tragedy hits the US that involves violence, or humans inhumanity to humankind:

2001: 911 happens. The Twin Towers are hit by a plane. The Pentagon suffers a similar fate. People are aboard as hostages on yet another plane...

Death, destruction, tragedy... the Country is in shock.

There was a "Conservative Republican" President in office at that time - George W, Bush - and in fitting response (well, seemingly so anyway), he "formed a new cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security, sent American forces into Afghanistan to break up the Taliban, a movement under Osama bin Laden that trained financed and exported terrorist teams. " The Patriot Act was also passed during this time. Basically America, re-armed, re-loaded, and moved several paces closer to being a Police State.

AND... War proceeded on at least 2 fronts: Afghanistan and eventually Iraq. So if you think the carnage and dust clouds and death were bad in New York, check out the happenings in Mid East War Zones. A land where people wake up to "Nine-Eleven" every single day of their lives.

As callous as it may come off, it's the truth. The US in it's isolation to the borders of most of the world where it wages war, takes a tragic hit and we all react as if it's the most shocking thing that ever happened. Because after all, this is America. Such things never happen here!

Fast forward to today, December of 2012. A rash of shootings populated the news this year. The two most recent included one in my neck of the woods - Clackamas, Oregon, and one in Connecticut which broke  in the news this past weekend.

In the former,  a gunman shot three people in one of Oregon's most popular Shopping Malls, He ran to a back corridor, apparently trying to leave. Upon hearing the police sirens surrounding the mall outside, he took his own life.

The shooting victims included two adults who were fatally wounded, and one brave young teen girl who  was helped out and managed to survive. s of 8 hours prior to this writing, is listed in fair condition.

Upon showing a link to that story to a friend of mine whom I regularly email with and who lives with his wife & 3 daughters in Holland, remarked something along the  lines of "How can the Americans continue to allow people to have guns?" Interestingly enough, his country is one of the main ones assisting the war effort in Syria by supplying Turkey with Patriot Missiles. And they may be involved in assisting the US with a planned attack on Venezuela.

Gun laws are being debated again in the wake of a mass murder by an armed Connecticut man in Army Fatigues, entered a schoolyard and killed 26 people, 20 of them children. Again, Americans react in horror and proceed to debate how many laws can be passed to get rid of  the evil guns, while overseas, children are the routine victims of the combined war effort to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by force.

If you ask me, President Obama is the last person on the planet I care to hear about reforming the guns laws from, when he's just another War President as far as I'm concerned, exporting death and destruction in the name of American Imperialism. Foot of the line for you, Barack. And for every Democrat who voted to support the Iraq War.

You can try banning gun for sure, assuming such an effort will pass a Constitutional challenge (which it won't.) And the likely scenario is that Prohibition will seem like Sunday School in comparison.

As far as I'm concerned, The whole thing is a dodge while the US supports Syrian rebels and it and Israel are inadvertently on the same side as Turkey, Al-Queda, & The Muslim Brotherhood in trying to overthrow Assad for the long term goal of getting at Iran. You want to see gun violence out of control? Hang out there for awhile.

So to summarize:

2001: September 11 attacks, country goes to war,  laws are passed which restrict freedom, and the US inflicts worse casualties on other countries than we ever have sustained.

2012: Children killed in a Connecticut Schoolyard, country grieves, laws are debated to restrict freedom, while the US continues to inflict worse casualties on other countries than we ever have sustained.

It never fails. Just like Clockwork. Did somebody say something about never learning from history?

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