Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Give Texas Back To Mexico!

This has been up for a few weeks now on my YouTube Page. Instead of blogging here where it won't be read by most people, I did this commentary in a song video form. It's a spoof of the Paul McCartney & Wings classic "Give Ireland Back To the Irish." Feel free to go there and here Macca's obviously better version of his own tune as opposed to my shitty attempt at a Weird Al-like cover.

When Texas Gov Rick Perry brought up his state possibly succeeding from the union in the past, I thought about doing this as a response. Now I got the resources to do it , so I did. I just sort of half-assedly threw it together and didn't even bother playing guitar on it, but it came out not too bad. Thanks to ChordPulse for providing the tracks to this one. I mispronounced names and spelled things wrong, but it was a lot of fun. One of these days I might bother to re-do this thing so it sounds a lot better, but I doubt it.

More recently, Gov. Perry came out against succession for the State of Texas. I should include that to be fair.


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