Saturday, September 01, 2012

Thought For The Moment: Reality Check on Libertarians, Health Care & Property Rights

If we tie the right to health care to the ability to pay, it's like we are returning the country back to the old class distinctions where the only ones who could vote where white, male & wealthy/property owners.

It's often been said by staunch Constitutionalists that the US founders were big on preserving property rights. That raises a question about how foresightful they were when they allowed the 5th amendment to be included. However, since they gave the peas of power to the aristocracy - something the aristocracy is commonly known to do - we can safely assume that they had their own interests in mind quite well.

So how is it any different that some people have healthcare withheld from them, based also on their wealth? Is not healthcare even more vital to life than voting?

You can hear the Conservative/Libertarian rejoinder now: "But... healthcare costs money, and if you have the government pay for it, when I don't want to, that's theft!"

Except for one problem... Voting also costs money. Elections are funded by taxpayers (even if campaigns are not fully funded by public moneys.) Voting is given to every US Citizen regardless of class. If you pay taxes, you are paying for the right to vote for someone who gets it all back as a refund. Or who may not even work due to a disability.

And yet, that very fact has not bothered most people of any political stripe for several decades now.

To say nothing of water, sewer, roads, police fire & military protection, all of which is afforded to anyone regardless of their ability to pay.

We "force" our Police, Firefighters & Soldiers to do their duty or be fired, all the while funding them with taxpayer dollars. How being a Doctor got into this angelic aura surrounding them where they are seen as a profession wholly "other" and above the ones I just mentioned, is a mystery indeed.

But I won't even suggest all the doctors be government employees. Oh, no. Not Socialized Medicine here!

But I will suggest we do this: Socialize all Health Insurance, and phase out private insurance as far as basic care goes. It's called the Single Payer System.

It's the best healthcare system there is. More information can be found at Physicians For A National Health Care Program -

Anything less is to return to the class distinctions that were held to by the shortsighted Framers of the US Constitution.

And I will in fact, go so far as to say that a Just society sees equal value in every person as a person created in the image of God, and regardless of their ability to produce or have an income.

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