Sunday, April 08, 2012

Wolfpack of Reseda: MySpace tops in video entertainment

Wolfpack Of Reseda | Myspace Video
According to the Hollywood Reporter:

"In a first of sorts for MySpace and Fox Digital Entertainment, the pair are debuting the first of an eight-episode scripted series on Thursday called Wolfpack of Reseda, described as 'darkly hilarious. The show, consisting of eight-minute episodes, is produced in conjunction with Kia Motors America, which will be the one and only sponsor with its Soul urban passenger vehicle featured prominently in the show. The show will appear on MySpace, which was purchased from Fox parent News Corp. in June by Specific Media and Justin Timberlake."

"Wolfpack is about a man named Ben March who is disenchanted with just about everything in his life, including his job, car, apartment and roommate, who is an animal-control officer. His demure demeanor, though, is transformed into something considerably more aggressive and interesting when he is bitten by a creature in the woods. Convinced he's been turned into a werewolf, March forms his own wolfpack to rule Southern California's San Fernando Valley." 

The series has been completed, and all 8 episodes are available online. I've watched them all  and it's pretty entertaining: well acted, well scripted and filmed. Ben's roommate Rudy Dunlap is a pretty corny character, who dubs himself an "Animal Control Officer" (his PC way of saying "dog catcher!") Rudy's comedic tendency to take his job as seriously as if he were a real police officer reminds me of Don Knotts's character in Mayberry RFD. OK, Knotts had the better facial expressions and exaggerated swagger. But the concept is kinda cool. Rudy's own episode separate from the main series: "Rudy's Ride-Along" is worth checking out as well.

All in all, a good 1st effort from MySpace and Fox Digital Entertainment. Currently, a new series is in progress. "Let's big Happy," is about a blogger who helps her friends in Unsigned Bands get exposure. Andrew WK co-stars, and the series is based around Taco Bell's Feed The Beat campaign.

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