Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Can Anne Nolan unseat Michelle Bachman? One can only hope.

Haven't we had enough yet of the stereotypical Dimwitted Pro-Life Woman Politician?  I know I have, and I'm hoping people will soon get a clue and hand those particular "Bim-bublicans" their pink slips.

Anne Nolan is just such a person who can break the mold. She is seeking  the Democratic nomination in Minnesota's 6th congressional district, to run against Michelle Bachman, the Republican incumbent.

As stated on her website:
"Anne Nolan is a pro-life, social justice Democrat. While her consistent life ethic principles are rooted in Catholic social teaching, her pro-life convictions are motivated by the personal experience of seeing her three children on ultrasound from heartbeat stage to full-term."

Sounds good to me! And as far as her esteemed prospective opponent Ms. Bachman, may I remind everyone of the connection she tried to make between the Swine Flu and Jimmy Carter's presidency. A connection that did not exist, since the 1976 swine flu outbreak was before Carter wad elected.

Anne Nolan's platform includes expanding public transportation, reforming bank foreclosures, a sales tax on speculative financial transactions, universal affordable health care, (YES!) easing student loan debt, (double-YES!) education and development of green energy alternatives.

She'd have my vote if I lived in her district. No two ways about it!

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