Friday, March 23, 2012

Thought Of The Moment

I'll admit  I am not familiar with  Donald Miller or his book Blue like Jazz, except for having heard about it through other discussions. Today in an email I got from Christianity Today, I noted that Steve Taylor, one of my Rock 'N' Roll Christian heroes of the 80's, is getting ready to release a movie based on the book.

I have heard criticism on the Emergent movement that Miller is associated with. I personally find myself a bit burnt out on Church life in my old age, and find some of the Emergent Perspective refreshing, if not always Theologically Spot on.

But when I read reviews on Amazon by someone critical of a book by Miller or Shane Claiborne, and they throw a political commentary into the mix, I cant help but smell a distinct whiff of hypocrisy.

As an example: accusing Shane Claiborne of "Carrying the water for the Left."

These same people never said diddlysquat while Falwell was politicizing the Church for the right back in the 80's. Nary a peep!

And I want to ask them: "Would you have been so critical and pointed out such minor issues if that author had been more Politically Conservative?  

Most likely not. Wacko, theologically unsound Pentecostals make political statements all the time. And yet you never hear the same people going after them!

Somebody's voter registration slip is showing...  

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