Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No video clips of Soup Kitchens, anyone?

So about 3 hours ago, I got this really cool email offer as a subscriber to Christianity Today magazine. "Last chance: 7 Days of Complimentary Downloads - 50,000 Video Clips!" Well to be honest, I had thought about signing up for one of those sites that offer royalty-free videos for your own use. I've considered doing a regular Web Series of my own music videos for awhile now, and some of these look like they might spice things up. With the release of my latest album "The Rose of The Streets" now on CD Baby, and headed soon for Amazon, iTunes, etc this seemed like a golden opportunity. Seven days of free downloads, and the monthly sub prices is under 20 buck, option to cancel at will. I like that.

Guess what I'm having a hard time finding videos of ?

Try stuff with these key words: 


"Fire Staff Dancer"

"Drum Circle"



 You know, normal stuff we find in  everyday Street Life? What  inspired my album that took me more than a decade to complete?

What, not even some cool newsreels of Occupy Wall Street?

The thing is, the site that provides the Royalty-Free clip was doing a promotional deal in partnership with CT reader to pitch to Churches. Duh, that makes sense, since Christianity Today is aimed at Christians, and more and more Churches are using multimedia production all the time. But Video Blocks is just a mainstream site for Multimedia production items, not specifically "Christian" in nature. And yet, I get the feeling that it's content is more than a bit sanitized, and mindful of the fact that certain people will be browsing through who don't wish to find anything "offensive."  Below is the decorative .jpg image on the page you are taken to when you click on the link in the  promo email Video Blocks  is  doing with Christianity Today:

You mean to tell me with all the reforms in how we do Church in the past 40+ years, the Calvary Chapels, Vineyards, "Seekers Services," Emergents, etc. etc. we still haven't gotten over ourselves enough to connect with the real world around us, yet? Church is still a place to retreat into for 90 minutes each week and not be confronted with reality?

Apparently so.

How about this for your Churches next weekend services? Some video clips of Obama's drone strikes in Pakistan. Or tell the story of the 16-year-old American Citizen who was killed in a drone strike in Yemen?

Interferes with your worship? 

Better do a self- examining reality check on which god it is you're worshiping.


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