Saturday, March 31, 2012

False Rape Society moves to Community Of The Wrongly Accused.

The False Rape Society blog has a new location and url:, or "Community Of The Wrongly Accused." Subscribe and keep up on daily reports from news stories around the world related to some poor sap getting set up by some crazy chickie-babe.

During this political climate when abortion and Planned Parenthood are red-hot issues, it's a good idea to keep these two blogs bookmarked. Inevitably, some stupid Feminazi will go there with prattling on about how women should have Abortion on Demand because some of them get preggers due to rape, and heavens we wouldn't want to make the poor girl carry around a kid she didn't want! Never mind that some people just plain lie to get what they want, as in the case of a 17 y/o Chinese girl who fabricated a rape story to get a free abortion, or this 27 y/o woman in Spain who did the same thing - to cover up for getting knocked-up - during an extra marital affair.

Naturally if you bring this up to a bunch of bellowing, wailing Pro-choicers , you will get a response that the blog is obviously too biased to be trusted and would edit facts to support their own point. It's fun to point out that COTWA links you to the original news stories, some of them even high-profile, so there's no mistaking what is being discussed and debated over.

 Strangely enough, they run out of responses at this point. No surprise.

But the notion that abortions need to be handed out like candy-canes, no questions asked becomes a spurious argument indeed when we consider how many times False Accusations happen. I don't care about some Government study done under the Clinton administration that tries to downplay the whole thing. EVERY SINGLE DAY practically, there's a new report of this childish nonsense!

The Innocence Project reports that 43% of the assault convictions they deal with are overturned, when they are able to get the DNA evidence related to the alleged crime. That sounds much more realistic than any Janet Reno-commissioned study that insists it's only about 8%! And it concurs with another study that examines rape accusations in two large Midwestern Universities, that show recantations by the accuser occur as much as 40%
  or more!

Furthermore, recent headlines that claim that 1 in 5 women are raped have been soundly debunked by using statistics and the definition of rape that the Justice Department uses.  Also, check this  in-depth study which doesn't shrink from controversy by Bruce Gross and published by the American Psychotherapy Association here.

It's clear that the notion of False Rape accusations being minuscule is Feminist wishful-thinking. But the real problem lies in who it affects. Primarily it effects the men who are the target of such trumped-up charges, and if it results in an Abortion, then it effects the potential life that was blocked from coming to full term. 

Clearly the kind of Female Privilege that this results in cannot be indicative of a healthy, just society. A civilized culture would not murder the innocent in order to cover up for someone's indiscretion. The militant Pro-Choicers who rain down scorn & derision on those who beg to differ are by any objective standard, too corrupt and delusional to be trusted with the truth.

I hope the Community Of The Wrongly Accused blog, and it's predecessor the False Rape Society will become more and more of a reference point in the ongoing Abortion debate. It changes the whole landscape when we consider the graveness of these tragic events, and the potential they have to effect real lives.


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