Sunday, March 25, 2012

Defund Planned Parenthood? A great idea, but...

Some major political initiative campaigns and Congressional activities are being organized in this country in order to stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortions. Included in this is the current campaign to defund Planned Parenthood. I've also gotten wind of a movement to take public funding of Abortions out of the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid.) All are great ideas as far as I'm concerned! The Oregon2012 movement doesn't seem to address PP specifically, but since I'd like to see the Oregon Health Plan re-vitalized, this seems like a good place to start. Then there can be more for the people needing affordable health care. No, I do not think the HMO-based Medicaid plan in Oregon is as good as the Single-Payer system, but it's a start. These political movements have already made waves, as in what happened in New Jersey a couple of years ago.

To those of you who would retort: "Oh, but the Hyde Amendment prevents Taxpayer Funding of Abortions, I suggest checking out Guttmacher's .pdf file on the topic. As anyone who is informed knows, Guttmacher is Planned Parenthood. Also, check this one from a Pro-Choice website, which points out that the States are free to use their funds how they see fit.  

One of the issues that came up in the whole health care debate was how much Medicare Fraud has played into driving up medical costs for all of us. I saw on the over of USA Today last year that the Obama administration was supposed to go after those guys, and it was something like 82%, I think? That was the number by which they had estimated Fraud cases would go up by. I have no idea if Obama's team took it seriously or not, but I know that misuse of taxpayer money by Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Pros, etc. have all taken it's toll on the economy!


Current Republican Governor Rick Scott of Florida was implicated in one of the biggest Medicare fraud cases in US History while he was CEO of Columbia/HCA - millions of dollars of it! He was forced to resign at the top of that scandal, but that wasn't the end of his carrerr. I almost fell over when he got elected 2 years ago. Take a look at the Facebook page about him here.

Doesn't that make you feel great? Criminal behavior rewarded by the GOP once again! Makes one wonder just how much we can trust them to reform our Health Care system!

Well actually, I don't wonder at all personally...

How many of these Assholes do we have to put in office, before people wake up to the fact that the Republicans are part of our problems, and by no means are they the solution?
But getting back to defunding abortions: Unless someone can prove to me that the Employees of the Private Industry known as Planned Parenthood are golden angels who would never involve themselves in such scurrilous activities, I see no reason to assume that they are not participating in fraud themselves, Even if we take abortion out of the equation, you then are left with the fact that even the best and brightest of the Medical Profession are tempted to do these things (engage in Medicare and Medicaid fraud.) As such, Planned Parenthood should be investigated either way AFAICS.

More information on why Planned Parenthood is believed to be a sleazy, slimy organization that's misusing taxpayer funds can be found at the .pdf file located here

But here's where I have some unease about this whole affair: Is all this really going to happen? Will we really see the day when Planned Parenthood is brought down? Or are the faithful being whipped up once again in order to put a Republican in the White House, only to see the Status Quo remain in place?

As good as I think the idea of defunding Planned Parenthood is, I think it should take 2nd billing to overturning Roe vs. Wade. But the Republicans have shirked their duty on that one, too. I discuss why in this previous blog post.

The solution to all of this may be one that the Pro-Life movement has been very obtuse to wake up to: We need to ditch the 2-Party hegemony once and for all! Let's stop listening to those who prattle on about the need to unite for victory's sake, and look into sticking by principle. That's how the Republicans got started to begin with: as a 3rd Party. They changed the country by doing so.

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