Friday, March 02, 2012

Slut-Shaming Is Good And Healthy For Society


xValetinax said...

Good and Healthy for Society? Tell that to all the girls/women who are bullied and harassed by slut shamers and the families of Hope Sitchell, Felicia Garcias and Amanda Todd who committed suicide due to slut shaming bulllied. Tell that to women like Cheryl Araujo, Lindsay Armstrong, Ched Evans victim and other rape victims who people try to blame for their own rapes cause of slut shaming. Tell that to women who are called sluts and whores while being beaten by their partners. Tell that to the many sex workers who have vile crimes committed against him. Slut shaming is VERY damaging to society.

Kevin Wayne said...

Here's the problem with all you're saying:

Bullying is bullying. You can be bullied for being a virgin at age 19 for that matter.

Blaming rape on external circumstances not germaine to the event is doing just that. It's not what or how they are being blamed, they shouldn't have been blamed.

Being beat by your partner is being beat by your partner. He could be reciting Shakespeare for all that matter.

Sex workers are by definition professional sluts, and probably proudly wear the mantle - if that's what they want to do. Vile crimes are vile crimes, even if the person is telling them how awesome they are while doing it.

Grade #FAIL on your little discourse there.

The Bayer joke of course referred to the guy who said that, and it's a good point: Rather then expect society to cushion your fall, curb your behavior. Simple as that.

Kevin Wayne said...

I didn't approve your comment this time, but I can summarize the flaws in your meta-narrative this way:

"correlation =/= causation"

Everyone believes robbing banks is wrong, just to take one example. But does everyone who thinks that way necessarily form a vigilante posse to go around killing bank robbers? Of course not. Only a certain personality type or one not steeped in self-discipline would take the law into their own hands in such a manner.

The problem is, you preach freedom for everyone to do as they please on the one hand and yet tell others they have to change their ways on the other hand. If the sauce of moral restraint is good for the goose, then it's good for the gander.

"Slut-ism" causes unplanned pregnancies, std's, and depression when it backfires on you. Therefore it should be called out for the problem it is.

You know what's wrong with your supposed "research" that tries to make moral standards a root cause of misogynistic behavior? Bill Clinton. the biggest Feminist darling of his day, and yet cheated on his wife with a younger employee. Or for that matter, Obama: Ordering drone strikes to kill 16 year-old boys (more than once) but yet the Feminists think he's awesome because he says what they want to hear.

OTOH, there are countless traditional men who never raise a hand against a woman. My parent - farmers until they died - were that way. Dad divorced his 1st wife who was the one who beat on him, because Trad/Con men are taught to never hit a woman.

Your posts are so full of ridiculous logical fallacies, it ain't even funny. Please take your erroneous Feminist poison elsewhere.

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