Thursday, November 10, 2011

The problem with Herman Cain (is not what you think.)

Well, I haven't weighed in so far on this blog with my opinions on the 2012 Presidential campaign. That we are having shoved down our throats as early as mid-2011! (Why does this feel more and more like the kind of attitude that gets into the stores putting up Christmas decorations earlier & earlier all the time?) There's more than I can say in a brief amount of time, but allow me to share an email convo I had with a friend of mine, recently. You'll get the gist of my mindset on all of this. First however, allow me to digress by setting the stage for where we are at now.

Some might remember that a few weeks back, there was smack in the media over GOP Presidential hopeful Rick Perry, in regards to a racist name that his father's property used to be called by. I thought it was interesting, not because I give a rat's ass what somebody's dad did with whatever back in the day. But of the way one of Perry's Republican rivals, former Godfather's Pizza President Herman Cain suddenly got media attention for it. Cain, being African-American is naturally interested in something that would be going by a name offensive to Blacks. The whole Perry property scandal suddenly shifted the spotlight to Cain, who repudiated the former name ("Niggerhead") of the hunting grounds owned by Rick Perry's father.

Well, Perry ironically enough (as Mother Jones magazine has pointed out) may be a lot of things, but its' hard for me to call him a Racist when he has one of the least acceptable (to Conservatives) records on Immigration.

Directly following that, Cain got center stage in  American Politics, as people's television addled brains suddenly got itchy fingers for "channel surfing" - to use  a metaphor- into something else to watch. Herman Cain shot up in the polls, and peeps were giving his oddball "9-9-9" tax plan attention & consideration.

Was that planned? Ya think! And I think the Republicans themselves had a hand in it. The GOP has never had a particularly sterling record in terms of bringing women & blacks on board and needed separately to have a Black guy in the spotlight to counter the other party's "Black guy in the spotlight." So Cain broke an old White Conservative taboo: he played "the race card" (as they call it) and criticized Rick Perry. But Cain is not above Race-baiting himself, as seen in earlier scaremongering he engaged in over Muslim Sharia Law.

Wow, what gripping and gut wrenching stuff for those who care about the future of our Country, eh? Hell, I could just spend up nights worrying about Perry's family property and not have to bother with anything harder to wrap by mind around: The trillions of dollars being spent on the wars in the Middle East. The fact that both the last two Presidential administrations were riddled with Wall Street insiders. The loss of jobs to outsourcing overseas, and the obtuseness Washington DC repeatedly shows on the need to invest in Public/Private operation in order to spearhead projects that can put people back to work. The rising cost of Health Care and the fact that the recently passed bill by the Democrats is not likely to put a dent in the problem. The necessity of Universal Health Care in order to help young expecting mothers feel less like they need to choose Abortion.

Well, if Herman Cain and fellow GOP rival Michelle Bachman actually have a decent campaign and make it through most of the primaries as  a formidable force, that will be a 1st. Then at least they won't have to pull another Sarah Palin and nominate someone just to throw them to the wolves and help their party save face for never having nominated an African American or Female candidate before that time.

But the truth is, I can't give a shit about the Republicans and their problems. I care about the corruptness of the system as it stands. Take a look at the following email convo I had recently with a friend and feel free to follow the link I offered on the illustrious Mr. Cain:

On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 4:21 PM, Kevin Wayne<> wrote:

Hey Jim,

Here's the gist of what I was saying: The media focuses on the tabloid stuff about Cain, but you don't hear as much about this:

The Koch-Cain Connection: IRS Urged to Probe Ties Between Cain Campaign and Billionaire Koch Brothers

Fyi, there's an African-American fellow on the Sojourners blog who mentioned that he was approached by some guys offering him money to defect to Conservative Republican politics. He says that Blacks get offers like that all the time, to change sides.
Ciao for now!

Kevin Wayne

On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 2:04 PM, James Z*****  wrote:
I read about that, re: the Koch Bros. But, in a capitalist country most news media focus most of their resources on what sells newspapers and gets ratings. I think it's as simple as that....and I bet the ratings DO go up when something like this business with the sexual harrassment claims or the Monica Lewinsky thing comes up. It's the same reason that a lot of the music and film industry focuses on sexual topics and scantily clad singers and actresses, rather then on talented folks who have something 'important' to say. Sex sells, and it's been proven over and over. They're just giving the American public what they want..Thankfully there are some 'higher minded' folks out there too, in journalism and films... and music too. But the majority always go for what sells newspapers.

Brief, but to the point. So here's where I'm at in all of this: Don't even bother me about what's sexy and entertaining. I wanna know what the stuff our prospective leaders are doing off  camera. I keep my ears to Democracy NowCounter PunchRT, and The BBC for information you don't hear elsewhere. Don't tell me you don't want to bore me with the details. BORE me! Who's behind the Candidacy of Herman Cain? And what are these shadowy cockroaches that hide in the cracks hoping to gain by putting forth funding? More Military   Buildup in the Middle East? Relaxed regulations on the Banking industry? Tightening of the screws by increasing the reach of the Patriot Act and Homeland Security in response to Islamophobic scaremongering?

Interestingly enough, Cain's fellow Black Conservative Alan Keyes actually agrees with me on this: 

Herman Cain's professed beliefs are not deeply rooted or thought through enough to stand strong against the storm. He falls far short of being the person the nation needs in the White House to help us do so. And that's even without considering his complicity with the Federal Reserve Bank, the key strategic instrument used by the elitist faction (including Republican practitioners of John Maynard Keynes' variation of socialism) to usurp control of the material resources of the American people. More to come on that, though Mr. Cain's reiterated defense of TARP (the failed 2008 bank bailout Congress approved over the sensible and widespread objections of the American people) in the last GOP so-called debate has already awakened more people to the fact that his overacted populism is just a pose. He is the candidate from the Federal Reserve Bank. He carries more water for the Bank's manipulative oligarchs than for the grass-roots, middle-class Americans their elitist faction has systematically despoiled.

And check this quote from Keyes in response to Cain on the Muslim thing:

Herman Cain is certainly aware that the First Amendment withholds from the U.S. government the power lawfully to prohibit the free exercise of religion. But has he thought at all about the connection between that provision and the one that says that no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification for “any office or public trust under the United States”? Mr. Cain apparently believes that in today’s world Americans have good reason to distrust any follower of Islam. But the Constitution explicitly prohibits officials of the U.S. government from applying religion as a criterion for public trust, whatever their individual inclinations. This means that whatever his personal predilections, as president of the United States Mr. Cain (and anyone else elected to that office) would be required to set aside his personal views. He could not as a matter of public policy take the position that an office or public trust under the U.S. government (including a seat on the Supreme Court) would be withheld from someone of the Muslim or any other religion until they dispelled to his satisfaction some prejudice (however justified it seems to him, to me or to anyone else) as to their loyalty.

As I've noted before, Keyes is himself is angry, unreasonable and on the edge of extremism with his Birther activism and holier-than-thou Conservatism that makes it hard for anyone to be his political ally. Nonetheless, Keyes' admission to Cain's unconstitutional ideas and his ties to Wall St and of the Federal Reserve ought to give any reasonable person pause.

But what is my main interest? What should be the interest of anyone interested in the health and well being of future generations?

To put it in the most succinct words possible: Follow the money. Who's behind the candidates being shoved down our throats, and what are the interests they want pushed through as a result? That's what we need to be asking ourselves.