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Alan Keyes: You Just Can't Be Correct Enough For Him!

Check out the following clip. You would think Alan Keyes would feel like he's on friendly ground, since he's being interviewed on FOX news. But he responds as if he's being grilled by Maddow or Olberman. See for yourself:

All the asshole had to do was calmly answer the questions he was asked. Instead, he just showed people why he's an unfit leader who can't keep his temper, and ferociously disagrees with everyone even the slightest degree of difference with him. This his how it's done, Alan: "No I did not say what you claim I did when you said I said _____________, but what I actually said was ___________, and here's my justification for that:___________" Notice he avoided answering the basic question of what Illinois law actually says, and keeps on with his
ad hominem attacks toward his interviewer.

What a wasted opportunity to educate his viewing audience and build consensus, something that should always be first and foremost on the mind of any communicator!

How would you like to have this guy for your father? Well interestingly enough, about 6 years ago Keyes' daughter Maya "came out" and revealed to the world she is a Lesbian. The response of her parents?

(CBS) The 19-year-old daughter of Alan Keyes has a Valentine for the anti-gay rights conservative pundit and frequent Republican candidate. Maya Marcel-Keyes will be making her first public appearance as a gay activist at a Valentine Day's rally in front of the Maryland State House, says Dan Furmansky, the leader of Equality Maryland, a gay rights group. Last summer her father, a conservative pundit and frequent Republican candidate, caused a stir during the Republican convention by labeling Vice President Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter a sinner and calling homosexuality "selfish hedonism." "It was kind of strange that he said it like a hypothetical," she told the Washington Post. "It was really kind of unpleasant." Marcel-Keyes told the Post her parents have thrown her out of the house, stopped speaking to her and refuse to pay for college because she is gay. She said she loves her parents.


I have friends who are Christians who have Gay relatives. They make no bones about the fact that it's a sin. But they don't ostracize or disown them. They try their best to love them back into right relationship with God.

Some people feel that Homosexuality is a result of abuse during upbringing. They see it as the result of stern abusive fatherhood, emotionally distant motherhood, etc. If there's any truth to that at all, I think we can see an example here. Just how much garbage has that poor Young Lady had to endure all her life from this man?

(I should be fair here and point out that Keyes has a different take on the matter, and as to whether or not she is actually being "shunned" by him. However, the main source I have for that is the Wikipedia Alan Keyes article, and the source for the quote seems to be on a website that doesn't currently exist.)

I'm writing these words because I have Christian Friends who are big supporters of this guy. One has gotten behind Keyes' involvement in the Obama Birther movement. Alan Keyes has been busy filing lawsuits to get Obama's actual birth Certificate out in the open, claiming that the current President is unfit for office because he allegedly wasn't born in the US.

I don't suppose it matters to Keyes and his Rabid Dogs that Obama has at least 1 verified American citizen parent - his Mother. Or that John McCain was born in Panama. But judging from the way Conspiracy rumors usually go, even if his Birth Certificate was produced and it said "Hawaii" on it, that won't stop the speculation that something was probably done to alter it.

In any case, what should be done is a Congressional Review of the thorny issues surrounding Birth Eligibility, and a decision made for not so much Obama's case, but any case that may arise. Wikipedia points out that some of the issues regarding the Citizenship of children born to US Parents while living overseas have never been fully resolved. In point of fact, since it's not all that clear and a decision that may need to be deliberated on in the event that it is proven that Obama indeed was born outside US Soil, what would be the problem of deciding in His Favor? Why not clarify the law so that anyone born to at least one American Citizen parent can be considered a Natural Born Citizen. If you read the various challenges to eligibility in past American History to different Presidential Candidates, and see how edgy those issue have often been, it would seem like a fair and reasonable decision to make.

There can be only one reason why someone would oppose such a resolution to the problem: They
simply want to use the Court System to override the Will of the People, and get rid of Barrack Obama.

And in Keyes case, it's a reasonable question as to whether he might be delusional enough to think he can reverse the election results in his own favor, since he was a losing perennial Candidate for President in 2008 on a minor-party ticket. In fact, Barrack Obama has squashed Keyes' political ambitions twice. The 1st time was when the two were opponents in the 2004 Illinois senate election.

Can the depths of a bitter, twisted, delusional man such as Keyes be seen by anyone else other than God?

I wrote in a previous blog entry that I though Alan Keyes' treatment in the Republican Party during
the times he ran for President in the GOP primaries was largely the result of latent racism. And maybe it is. But the fact is, even the more staunchly Conservative Christian Constitution Party wouldn't nominate him, and many of his previous supporters want nothing to do with him. He also has Campaign Debts he won't take responsibility for, and has been known to play a little fast and loose with his Campaign Finances. Personally, seeing his behavior on video leads me to only one inevitable conclusion as to why this Gadfly keeps getting swatted away be even Small Conservative Parties more committed to his same cherished principals:

The man is a Complete Asshole.

This country has no need to steep itself in such perennial nonsense. We desperately need to focus on the issues at hand that are on most people's minds: Health Care Reform. US Involvement in the Affairs of Other Nations. Jobs. The Economy. And in debating these issues, it is discovered that any Elected Leader may not properly represent the will of the people, then vote him or her out of office.

There's only one reason for taking any other path: You don't believe you can win the debates over the issues any other way.

Furthermore, the man is a hypocrite when it comes to issues such as this. He openly criticized Hillary Clinton for moving to New York to run for the US Senate. The he did the same thing to run against Obama in Illinois.

I have written favorably of Keyes in the past, due to my belief he would be better than most mainstream Republicans, and his sticking to his own principals and integrity. Today, the picture emerges of quote a different man than what I had assumed. He is involved with a Whack-Job Separatist Movement that bears strong resemblance to a Cult. His 2008 Vice Presidential running mate was Wiley S Drake, who made headlines in his use of the Imprecatory Prayer to ask God to kill President Obama.

He maintains the same delusion held by many Conservative Christians, that the United States was founded on Christina Principles by Primarily Christian men. This despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary:

Extremist views. Bad attitude. Persecution Complex. Poor Scholarship. Financial problems. Alienating past friends and supporters. This is Alan Keyes, face of the Obama Birther Movement.

I will dance on the grave of these kinds of politics, especially to the extent they have infected the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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