Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Should We Expect Much From The Blazers This Year?

I'll be damned if I know.

Just call me a Burned Blazers fan who's by now used to having high expectations kinda blunted. And then there' the fact that I can't shake the feeling that there's serious favoritism given to NBA Superstars. Gotta make sure that Shaq goes all the way when he has that great endorsement contract with Burger king, ya know. Game 6 of the 2002 Lakers- Kings NBA Semifinals will haunt many people for years to come. Oh and how about the fact that Kobe Bryant has been a little free with his elbows, and has gotten off Scott free for it? Ask Mike Bibby about that one! And he's done it many times, on many occasions. Other sports fans seem to agree with me that the NBA may be rigged.

However, I do feel like Kobe really worked hard & earned his title last year. I saw to many games where the sweat was pouring off him and the opponents weren't letting up on him to think otherwise.

But I digress...

Getting back to the Blazers, their performance so far in the current preseason has been less than sparking. They have 1 more chance tomorrow at Phoenix to at least come out 50-50 in the exhibition games. Then the real season starts with an opener at home against Houston, who blew us out of the 1st round of the playoffs last year. I take comfort int he fact that this is still a young team and that it was their 1st playoff run, and the Rockets just blindsided them. Portland almost got it back, too. Yao Ming is just no Sabonis.

I predict we'll know soon how it's going to go. If by the halfway season mark, Greg Oden hasn't shown he's finally come out of his beginners fog and is ready to play Basketbell, I say trade him. He's already proven less then the expectations people have had for him. It the Blazers aren't' at least No.1 in the division by then and being recognized as a terror in the West, don't get your hopes up. But they could at least go to the second round of the playoff this year if they work hard at it. Time will tell.

Some buzz has been created by the trade of Shaquille O'neal to the Cleveland Cavilliers. Here's my prediction on that: Shaq gets inured and is sidelined for the rest of the season.

Who do I think will be the terror this year? Boston. With Rasheed Wallace in their camp now and KG healthy, expect them to explode. Should be very, very interesting.

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