Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Ralph Nader Was Right About (So Far)

Well a few of my friends who voted for Obama thought I was just "throwing my vote away" by supporting the Oregon Progressive Party candidate for President in 2008, Ralph Nader. It's true, I am bullheaded and voted for Mr. Nader three times. But in previous times, the loyalist Democrats could accuse us "Nader-traitors" of delivering the election to George W. Bush and denying Gore & Kerry the election. This despite the fact that it could be argued both men defeated themselves.

Well, they still do that. Last year while out campaigning for Nader, I met a motorist who told me that Nader had "millions of dead at his feet," for stopping Al Gore. Of course, this ignores two facts 1) Joe Lieberman was Gore's VP running mate and 2) Gore himself said Iraq had ties to terrorism and Weapons of Mass destruction:

Well the dreaming is now officially over. A Democrat is in the White House. So instead of talking about how much better off we COULD have been, we can now get to more important buisness at hand: The fact that we most certainly are not better off at all.

The following is a breakdown of some of the issues raised or touched on by Ralph Nader during his 2008 bid for the Presidency, and how he and we tried to warn you all. Obama is looking ore and more like Bush's 3rd term all the time.


As Nader put it, Canadian Style Single-Payer Health Care Insurance was off the table according to Obama. So far Mr. Obama has refused to allow single payer advocates to speak at conferences he's held with Health Insurance Industry officials on Health Care reform. Mr. Nader was in support of Single Payer during the 2008 election, and he and his supporters continue to speak out in favor of it.


Accoring to, Obama is talking doublespeak on Iran. On the one hand, pomises of dialogue, on the other, rhetoric about Iran developing Nuclear bombs and supporting intenational terrorism very similar to his predecessor, George W. Bush.

According to an interview with Nader on Democracy Now!, the longtime Consumer Advocate stated:

"The point is that we are exaggerating that threat instead of using diplomacy, number one. Number two, Iran does not have nuclear weapons; they're nowhere near nuclear weapons, according to intelligence estimates. Number three, Israel has 250 nuclear weapons. Does Iran really want to commit suicide? And number four, two major national security experts in Israel have been reported as saying Iran is not a problem." "Ralph Nader on Barack Obama: 'It is Quite Clear He is a Corporate Candidate from A to Z'," "Democracy Now!" interview, June 18, 2008.


On the Nader/Gonzales website, a call was made to replacing NAFTA with "open agreements that pull up, rather than pull down... environmental, labor and consumer standards." Evidence is that the current administration may be talking out of both sides of it's mouth as far as renegotiating NAFTA goes, as evidence in the recent debacle over trucking restrictions with Mexico. This is a shift from Obama's having campaigned on supposed intentions to renegotiate NAFTA.

Accoring to "The current political strategy of pre-emptive war in the Middle East is a disaster... It has bloated the already wasteful military budget and has cost at present over 4,000 American lives, nearly 100,000 American injuries, and over a million Iraqi civilian lives. Nader/Gonzalez propose a rapid withdrawal of troops from Iraq. A target of withdrawing troops in six months will be set. The war is costing taxpayers nearly $4,600 every second — and that doesn’t include the long-term reconstruction costs."
Obama originally promised a 16-month timetable for withdrawl from Iraq, then fudged on that goal. It is thought that what our government may be correuntly pusrsung is not withdrawl, but long term occupation of Iraq. According to a recent Bill Moyers brodacst, the US is maintaining a fortress that passes itself off as an embassy in Bahgdad, and a similar project has been in the works for a fortress-like embassy in Pakistan, all run by independent mercenary contractors such as Blackwater. In fact, such projects have been underway since the Bush administration.
Ralph Nader predicted the recent Wall Street meltdown, stating that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were on track to follow the same path to financial ruin the savings and loan industry headed down in the 80's & 90's. He opposed the vary same bailout that both Senator McCain and then Senator Obama voted for last year, and laid out a 10 point plan for dealing with the crisis and potential future bailouts.
Concerning a General Motors bankruptcy, Mr. Nader has said it would launch "a conclusive Death Star to tens of thousands of jobs, thousands of small businesses and adverse effects to hundreds of communities around the country." He also blasted Obama's automotive task force for forcing Crysler to cut 789 dealerships that will cost jobs and put more people in need of the government dole, costing taxpayers more to support the unemployed.

Well, I've about burnt myself out doing this particular blog entry. I will likely pick up on these same themes as I continue to blog, and anyone can look at what I've already written for more info. It appears there is so much to talk about, and that others have does similar research to critique Obama's record and have readily avilible breakdowns of the issues at hand. Consider visiting the following: - Not to be confused with, this is Ralph's ongoing blog where you can view open letters he's written to the current adminsitration regarding various issues of the day. Suffice it to say, he lets them have it!
The Trail of Broken Promises - Written last October by Matt Gonzales, Ralph's Vice Presidential running mate. He details a long history of captulating ot the Republicans by Obama, even going back to his record as an Illinois Stare Senator. Pelosi and Reid get some of his side-swipes as well.
All I can say at this point, in regards to how much we are being taken down the primrose path- beleive me it depresses me to even type these very words- but it needs to be said:

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