Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unjust Sex Offender Laws and Prosecutions: YOU could be the next victim!

Trailer for the Sean Penn Documentary "Witch Hunt"

I've seen this documentary and it's very good, if also very disturbing. It's scary to think we live in a country that allows such "Cowboy Law Enforcement" -as they call it. Except my Dad, God rest his soul, was an actual Cowboy and he wouldn't be anywhere near as stupid. Good that this movie was made, and that Sean Penn is lending his name and clout behind raising awareness of this travesty- of falsely accusing adults of sexual crimes against children. More can be learned about it at

Speaking of false or specious accusations, the blog ConstitutionalFights has this to say about the Sex Offender Registry and why many who are on it don't belong there:

1. Romeo and Juliet liaisons, false accusations of vindictive teens against an older teen (18 or 19).

2.False accusation by vindictive parents in child custody cases and/or family feuds- There are more of these than most people would believe. There are many reports of people who admit to having lied about being molested when they were younger. Now they would like to have the person wrongly convicted on their testimony set free.

3.Mutual consensual sex- but being 3 yrs. and 1 day older than the willing teen (can bring and has brought multiple felony indictments).

4. Sex between consenting teen prostitute (who looks older and even may have lied about her age) with an adult male.

5. Criminal charges that later are dropped for insufficient proof but not appealed in time, so still on registry.

It's a good thing that Jesus wasn't born in 21st Century America, or Joseph would be in jail right now for supposedly getting 14 -15 year old Mary pregnant. Nice thought, eh?

I realize there should be some limits on personal freedom or society will be in chaos. But when I compare US laws to age of consent laws around the globe, I gotta think we are way too Draconian.

Some more good resource websites:

Reform Sex Offender Laws Dot Org

Corrupted Justice For those who think Perverted Justice and "To Catch A Predator" are a blight on society. Reports regularly on civil Suits being brought against PJ, and Dateline NBC.

Cyber Stalking Law A state-by-state compendium of links to cyberstalking laws around the country. Infortmation about the upcoming June 27th 2009 march for awareness of wrongful convictions.

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