Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mind Your Own Buisness, Michael Medved!

If you've at all paid any attention to the news regarding the role of "Evangelicals" in this upcoming election, you've no doubt heard of the new book by David Kuo entitled Tempting Faith. Basically it has the Political Right up in arms. Jim Wallis posted about it on his blog, which should give you the long & short of the issue. Kuo is a former Bush White house insider who has written of political manipulation of Christians by the current administration in order to achieve power. (not necessarily Bush himself, whom Kuo sees as sincere.) You can also read more (very important information) about the fallout of Kuo's book on the Faithful Democrats website.

Last week I was "treated" to an episode of Michael Medved's radio show by my staunchly Republican roommate. This show happened to deal with Kuo's book. In fact, the self-styled "Conservative Jew" Michael Medved interviewed David Kuo. Medved introduced the piece by saying "listen to how he squirms when I ask him about the timing of his book coming out before the election." Or something to that effect. When you hear an intro like that, prepare for a hatchet job!

Medved poked at Kuo with the opening line (not an exact quote) "David I would say if there's any Evangelical who's being manipulated for political purposes, it's you!" Of course Kuo squirmed. But it's not because of any wrong doing on his part I believe. He's just too nice a guy to tell Medved where to stuff it.

Mr Michael Medved, I would have to say to you on this matter; why do you care?

What difference does it make to you whether or not Evangelicals are being "manipulated?" This is not your scene sir. You are an admitted Jewish person Theologically speaking. Why stick your nose in our affairs?

If I might bring you and anyone else who needs it up to speed: There has been growing concern over how Christianity has been represented as homogeneously Conservative Republican when such is by no means the case. It's sorta like how some Jews think Christianity is completely linked to an Anti-Semtic agenda. Or it's the "White Man's religion" as some are inclined to believe. I'm not commenting here on whether or not those assumptions are justified, merely just trying to show why we might be concerned about being tagged with the broad brush of "Religious Right" when it's not true.

Call me crazy, but a Religion who was founded by someone called the "Prince of Peace" might just have a slight problem with being represented exclusively by a Presidential Administration which has shown recklessness in going to war that they never even properly planned an exit strategy for. Maybe I'm a bit off, but the Christ who came to preach good news to the poor most likely didn't have in mind that we would ban abortions without some kind of social support for a pregnant woman's needs.

Or you might disagree. Fine. You keep to your own Theological disputes and we'll keep to ours. This is not some Liberal agenda we need you to go to bat in saving us from. It's something Christians of every Political and Theological stripe have been concerned about.

And quite frankly, if there is something deliberate about the timing of the release of Kuo's book, I don't give a rip. The Republicans have been using Churches and major religious figures for so long to sway elections, that anything that will get the other side of the story out is a welcome change!

Michael Medved, thanks
but no thanks for your concern that Kuo's book might be an attempt to manipulate Christians. But we can rely on the Holy Spirit for discernment ourselves just nicely.

That is, unless your trying to blackball Kuo, who explicitly states that Bush "has a heart for the poor" is an attempt at manipulation on your part, by telling only part of the story.

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