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The Hyde Amendment: Are we clear on this, yet? It does NOT stop tax funding of Abortion!

"Abortion can't be funded by taxpayer dollars. The Hyde Amendment prevents that from happening."

Heard this before? It's a nice derailing tactic in an argument. Problem is, it's not true.

People need to quit spreading around misinformation about the Hyde amendment:

In U.S. politics, the Hyde Amendment is a legislative provision barring the use of certain federal funds to pay for abortions with exceptions for incest and rapeIt is not a permanent law, rather it is a “rider that, in various forms, has been routinely attached to annual appropriations bills since 1976. The Hyde Amendment applies only to funds allocated by the annual appropriations bill for the Department of Health and Human Services. It primarily affects Medicaid.

More info:

Does the Oregon Health Plan pay for about 4,000 abortions a year? (Politifact Oregon.)


“Nothing in the preceding section shall be construed as restricting the ability of any managed care provider from offering abortion coverage or the ability of a State or locality to contract separately with such a provider for such coverage with State funds (other than a State’s or locality’s contribution of Medicaid matching funds).”

GAO to Audit Planned Parenthood & other Abortion Providers that use taxpayer funding.  

ACLJ: How Obamacare uses taxpayer money to pay for Abortions.

ACLU: Public Funding For Abortion:

"Most states have followed the federal government's lead in restricting public funding for abortion.  Currently only seventeen states fund abortions for low-income women on the same or similar terms as other pregnancy-related and general health services.  (See map.)  Four of these states provide funding voluntarily (HI, MD, NY,and WA); in thirteen, courts interpreting their state constitutions have declared broad and independent protection for reproductive choice and have ordered nondiscriminatory public funding of abortion (AK, AZ, CA, CT, IL, MA, MN, MT, NJ, NM, OR, VT, and WV).2  Thirty-two of the remaining states pay for abortions for low-income women in cases of life-endangering circumstances, rape, or incest, as mandated by federal Medicaid law.3  (A handful of these states pay as well in cases of fetal impairment or when the pregnancy threatens "severe" health problems, but none provides reimbursement for all medically necessary abortions for low-income women.)  Finally, one state (SD) fails even to comply with the Hyde Amendment, instead providing coverage only for lifesaving abortions."

Jug Face: Anticipating the Feminist Spin that will no doubt commence

Before I give my ideological take on the soon-to-be released to theaters Indie Horror flick Jug Face, allow me to give a brief rundown on just how I became aware of this movie, and what initially prompted me to watch it. In 2008 I met Independent Filmmaker Mary Anne Benner of Ailgif Studios, who was in the process of doing a documentary on Street Musicians in Portland, OR titled "Artbeat of the City." I was interviewed for my street performing of original songs and cover tunes for spare change in the years 2008 - 2010. 

One other busker who figures into this story was also interviewed in the same film, the illustrious Abby The Spoon Lady. To make along story short, Abby and her bluegrass band has a cameo appearance in the Jug Face movie, near the begging during the celebration of the "Joining" as it was called, or "Engagement Party" as the rest of the world knows it.

You can hear part of my interview as well as Abby's for the Artbeat of the City documentary by clicking here.  Pardon my chipmunk cheeks! :p

And now that I've rambled on enough about that, back to talking about Jug Face.

I watched Jug Face as a Video-On-Demand available through prior to it's theatrical release. It's a good low-budget thriller that is not too long in length (80 minutes) and delivers what it promises: A gut-wrenching tale of Ada, a Teenage girl pregnant by her own brother, trying to keep the secret from the secluded rural community she grew up in, which worships an unseen being that lives in a mud pit. That and the fact that she also knows one other thing no one else does: "The Pit" is hungry for a new human sacrifice and she's on the menu!

You can get a good synopsis of Jug Face from a more qualified Horror Movie reviewer than myself, here. You can also watch the official trailer:

Now to answer the obvious question based on the title I've given this blog post: Just what makes me think that a so-called "Feminist Spin" will be visited on this lil' 'ol country-fried thriller? 

Oh, I don't know... perhaps this review from Katie Bonham on

"Jug Face explores a plain and raw view of life, death, sex and the primitive values within this tight knit community; where girls are tested as virgins, and whipped if they go against community rules. Equality is dead...get your jugs out for the pit..."

Perhaps Katie was being tongue-in-cheek, but I noticed she only gave the movie 2 stars in her review. Not exactly an exalting acclaim.

But what of this claim by Ms. Bonham? Ada was betrothed ("joined," in the language of the village) to Bodie, son of another family in the community. It appears this engagement was brought on by a financial arrangement/transaction not unlike the ones found in stories of the Old Testament part of the Bible. And yes, Ada is tested for whether or not she had been sexually active as it may "disgrace" her family if she's found to be given away while not a virgin. She is whipped 'til her back is bloody for the indiscretion (how blind as a bat does one need to be to not notice the man getting whipped right beside her?). It's only after this that it comes out about her incestuous pregnancy. Well and also after the deaths of Bodie, her brother, and mother-in-law & sister-in-law-to-be.  

And there's where we need to keep perspective on it all: As much as the movie shows Ada as an oppressed figure, it shows everyone, men and women to be oppressed, caught in the web of this dictatorial folk religion. Four individuals die because Ada has kept her dark secrets from  the community, and only one of those was a woman. There appears to be no reason for Bodie to die, other than his connection to Ada. Her Father seems to have been taken by the pit also for no apparent reason. Dawai, the Jug Maker is brutally beaten and an attempt is made on his life, though he's completely innocent of everything that transpires. Counting it all up that's 3 male deaths and one false accusation against a man to 3 female deaths overall. Despite the meta-narrative we're often led to believe: the shape and nature of Oppression is not about how bad it is on the women, but how bad it is on everyone including the men. 

To add to the disturbing quality of the film, there's the opening sequence which shows a series of crayon sketches that tells a mini-story of it's own: Apparently the villagers were all devout Christians until one of their own became deathly ill. They tried praying for the healing of this girl, but it didn't work. It turns out that the local Minister was the 1st "Jug Face" - the 1st to have his likeness appear on a clay pot someone cast, and the villagers conclude that some force in this mud pit in the center of the community wanted a human sacrifice. So they sacrifice the Minister, and the illness is reversed.

The townspeople didn't operate under the "Patriarchy" of  Christianity, they rejected it. Women are not the "downtrodden" in this little society at all. Ada's mother Loriss is a control freak piece of work who gets away with abuse and a generally surly attitude. She is never taken by the Pit, although she seems more of a likely candidate than Sustin, her husband and Ada's Father, who is killed by the monster near the end. They lost patience with Yahweh, and made a pact with Baal. As a result, life only seemed to become better for everyone. In reality, they were the victims of their own sewing and reaping. Indeed, "The Pit wants what it wants," and their appears to be no mediator between it and it's faithful servants.

Up and coming Director Chad Crawford Kinkle does an excellent job taking this simple, low budget and basic story and giving it heart. The acting is worthy of a major-league budget film, in a league with the Coen Brothers 2000 flick O BrotherWhere Art Thou. The camera work is simple,yet straightforward and effective. Occasionally it gets a bit confusing, as for example when Bodie's sister is killed - she's washing clothes in the creek and doesn't appear to be anywhere near The Pit. But overall, it's a well told story and well worth checking out. Everyone will have their own take on the significance of what this film is all about. Now you have mine, for what that's worth. 

Friday, August 02, 2013

I love it when a Feminazi tells me I'm disgusting.

The above video by A Voice for Men contributor Typhon Blue  is what sparked the discussion that I've taken screen shots of. The whole discussion or discussions can be found on Reddit Men'sRights. I love it when a Feminazi tells me I'm disgusting. It mean's she'll soon shut up.

the 1st four images are from another user on the same thread (not shown here) who was trying to point out that the phrase "I Love Sluts" was perfectly in tune with the spirit of so-called "Slut Walks" Also the "comedy routine" the other user I was arguing with is shown as an image here, too.

No Calvinism~!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Truth About George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin

This is the most thorough breakdown of all the availible facts I've encountered so far. 

Here's the after trial video: 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Are we done believing in that Patriarchy Bullshyt, yet?

Ran across this on Tumblr today:

Patriarchy (the “gender binary” as we’d call it) makes no sense as a system if one posits that it was created by and for men, enforced and perpetuated by men, and universally fucks women over. Literally, it reads more like raving lunatics talking about the Illuminati than a sensible social theory; it requires men to simultaneously be preternaturally organized, intelligent and cunning, yet so stupid that they couldn’t manage to end up better-off than the people they were supposedly oppressing. It requires men to have been able to communicate across continents before we’d even figured out how to sail, and to have “oppressed” women for longer than most religions have existed. As some have pointed out, if there were a single argument supporting the idea that women are inherently inferior, patriarchy theory would be it. It posits that men have successfully oppressed women since basically forever, up until the point where they voluntarily started changing things because women asked nicely.” 


Also, the same blogger has a good breakdown of why Patriarchy Theory doesn't work:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Preach the TRUTH, Brother!

“You are convinced that no matter what I preach...say..or do... ain't nothin' in the world is gonna convince you that George Zimmerman is not guilty. But you're wrong. And the only reason you think that way is because you're Black. Because you see, you see the world not through the blood of Jesus. You see the world through your Black eyes. You have no changed yet. You're black before you are Christian. Your Blackness is greater than your religion.”

Right on. I might add "greater than your adherence to Presumption of Innocence."

The only place Pastor Manning is wrong is his bit about Marijuana. The Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Juice is often used to make the drug known as Purple Drank. That is more likely the source of Trayvon Martin's paranoid behavior.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Book of Acts and Corporate Capitalist Politics

Read your Bible. It'll make a social misfit out of ya~!

Here's a little insight into how some of my daily devotions in Scripture goes. (No, I don't keep an actual Journal!) Not always. But when confronted with the basic selfishness of people, one can become quite a curmudgeon from reading The Bible. It's a wonderfully Anti-humanistic tract that puts all politicizing in it's place!

Btw, I'm currently going through the New Testament in a Year plan on Bible Gateway. The daily emails are in NIV, but I actually read the passages in NT Wright's Kingdom New Testament. I'm stil struggling to know where I stand on a couple of his translation choices. It may not be a good one to use for daily readings for that reason. But I'm already in it, so I'll stick with it for now. Maybe Wright will tidy up some things in future editions? 

After that, I hope to use the Old Testament in Two Years plan on My hope is to go through the entire Bible consistently over and over again for as long as I'm still a-breathin'!


(In order)

1. "Industry sees a threat to Capitalist profits."

2. "Stirring up the labor forces!"
3. "The Mission of Yahweh threatens to break the bonds of the 'Artemis ad industry" over their minds..."
4. "Public Opinion is rallied on behalf of industry."
5. "Racist assumptions in the mix!" 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rather Refreshing~!

In following a link off a post on the Pro-Life Campaign Ireland Facebook page, I read in the Irish newspaper the of a brewing rebellion among members of the Irish Fine Gael Party over proposed Pro-Abortion legislation in their equivalent of Parliament. Good for them!

What I liked best was the discussion in the comments section, which I've taken a Screen Shot of below:

For ONCE, someone is arguing what is considered a nominally Christian-based social issue, and not basing it on this "The Constitution Says So" nonsense. They are actually arguing Pro-Life based on THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE! How refreshing indeed!

If only we Americans can get the Pro-Life cause unhooked from Conservative Politics. We might actually see success in banning it, as Ireland has!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Give Texas Back To Mexico!

This has been up for a few weeks now on my YouTube Page. Instead of blogging here where it won't be read by most people, I did this commentary in a song video form. It's a spoof of the Paul McCartney & Wings classic "Give Ireland Back To the Irish." Feel free to go there and here Macca's obviously better version of his own tune as opposed to my shitty attempt at a Weird Al-like cover.

When Texas Gov Rick Perry brought up his state possibly succeeding from the union in the past, I thought about doing this as a response. Now I got the resources to do it , so I did. I just sort of half-assedly threw it together and didn't even bother playing guitar on it, but it came out not too bad. Thanks to ChordPulse for providing the tracks to this one. I mispronounced names and spelled things wrong, but it was a lot of fun. One of these days I might bother to re-do this thing so it sounds a lot better, but I doubt it.

More recently, Gov. Perry came out against succession for the State of Texas. I should include that to be fair.


What I wrote to the Prez:

Today someone on my Facebook posted this action bit from Daily Kos.

Here's what I wrote, for all the fuck good it'll do:

Tell President Obama: Stop Proposing Social Security cuts

Mr. President, please stop proposing cuts to Social Security.

Social Security does not contribute even $1 to the deficit, and is 100% solvent for over 20 years according to even the most pessimistic projections. It should not be a part of the fiscal showdown negotiations.

Please live up to your campaign promise of not balancing the budget on the backs of the middle class.

Also, please drop the affordable care act and begin moving the country towards Single Payer. And knock off he drone strikes ans killing innocent 16-year-olds on the taxpayers dime.

Thanks for listening.

Monday, December 17, 2012

It Never Fails (A Reflection On Connecticut You Might Not Like)

It never fails. I see this pattern just bout every time tragedy hits the US that involves violence, or humans inhumanity to humankind:

2001: 911 happens. The Twin Towers are hit by a plane. The Pentagon suffers a similar fate. People are aboard as hostages on yet another plane...

Death, destruction, tragedy... the Country is in shock.

There was a "Conservative Republican" President in office at that time - George W, Bush - and in fitting response (well, seemingly so anyway), he "formed a new cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security, sent American forces into Afghanistan to break up the Taliban, a movement under Osama bin Laden that trained financed and exported terrorist teams. " The Patriot Act was also passed during this time. Basically America, re-armed, re-loaded, and moved several paces closer to being a Police State.

AND... War proceeded on at least 2 fronts: Afghanistan and eventually Iraq. So if you think the carnage and dust clouds and death were bad in New York, check out the happenings in Mid East War Zones. A land where people wake up to "Nine-Eleven" every single day of their lives.

As callous as it may come off, it's the truth. The US in it's isolation to the borders of most of the world where it wages war, takes a tragic hit and we all react as if it's the most shocking thing that ever happened. Because after all, this is America. Such things never happen here!

Fast forward to today, December of 2012. A rash of shootings populated the news this year. The two most recent included one in my neck of the woods - Clackamas, Oregon, and one in Connecticut which broke  in the news this past weekend.

In the former,  a gunman shot three people in one of Oregon's most popular Shopping Malls, He ran to a back corridor, apparently trying to leave. Upon hearing the police sirens surrounding the mall outside, he took his own life.

The shooting victims included two adults who were fatally wounded, and one brave young teen girl who  was helped out and managed to survive. s of 8 hours prior to this writing, is listed in fair condition.

Upon showing a link to that story to a friend of mine whom I regularly email with and who lives with his wife & 3 daughters in Holland, remarked something along the  lines of "How can the Americans continue to allow people to have guns?" Interestingly enough, his country is one of the main ones assisting the war effort in Syria by supplying Turkey with Patriot Missiles. And they may be involved in assisting the US with a planned attack on Venezuela.

Gun laws are being debated again in the wake of a mass murder by an armed Connecticut man in Army Fatigues, entered a schoolyard and killed 26 people, 20 of them children. Again, Americans react in horror and proceed to debate how many laws can be passed to get rid of  the evil guns, while overseas, children are the routine victims of the combined war effort to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by force.

If you ask me, President Obama is the last person on the planet I care to hear about reforming the guns laws from, when he's just another War President as far as I'm concerned, exporting death and destruction in the name of American Imperialism. Foot of the line for you, Barack. And for every Democrat who voted to support the Iraq War.

You can try banning gun for sure, assuming such an effort will pass a Constitutional challenge (which it won't.) And the likely scenario is that Prohibition will seem like Sunday School in comparison.

As far as I'm concerned, The whole thing is a dodge while the US supports Syrian rebels and it and Israel are inadvertently on the same side as Turkey, Al-Queda, & The Muslim Brotherhood in trying to overthrow Assad for the long term goal of getting at Iran. You want to see gun violence out of control? Hang out there for awhile.

So to summarize:

2001: September 11 attacks, country goes to war,  laws are passed which restrict freedom, and the US inflicts worse casualties on other countries than we ever have sustained.

2012: Children killed in a Connecticut Schoolyard, country grieves, laws are debated to restrict freedom, while the US continues to inflict worse casualties on other countries than we ever have sustained.

It never fails. Just like Clockwork. Did somebody say something about never learning from history?

Thursday, December 06, 2012

The New MySpace: Neglecting the Social Side will be a HUGE mistake, IMHO.


 Recently MySpace started opening it's newly redesigned website to the public on an invite-only basis. People are being allowed to test-drive the site, make "connections" (the thing that's replaced "friending") and voice input. For the 1st time since Specific Media & Justin Timberlake bought out MySpace in mid 2011,we are getting a taste of their future plans as a reality.) This is a blog post I composed for the Idea Forum, but it's too long for the format. So I'm posting it here and linking it there. My thoughts on the matter of the future of MySpace follows:

It seems to be the Conventional Wisdom from all the big brains who keep track of Internet Trends: MySpace, if it is to make any kid of a credible comeback, must not try to compete with Facebook. In fact, it shouldn't aim at being a Social Network at all, or at least not primarily. Most of the positives in the blogosphere seem to have coalesced in agreement with the idea that MySpace should continue down the path of being a Spotify or Pandora competitor. 
To illustrate why this is such short-sighted thinking, think of whatever it was you were using to listen to music on ten years ago. Are you still using it? Or if you're my age you can go back further:  Vinyl, Walkmans, CD Players - all have either been relegated to museum status, or are headed there fast. 

Truthfully, many or most of the people I hear from want an experience quite similar to MySpace's Salad Days. Those that don't, aren't planning to come to the New MySpace anytime soon. One young lady whom I met through the Social Media world and who's become a friend in real life, just nicely told me that she needed one place for all her connections (in this case her current Facebook account) and that the only reason she hasn't deleted her Old MySpace by now is she can't remember her password (VERY common.) Her music needs are already met through other means (and I'm guessing most people's are!) So then the focus ought to be on the felt needs of people who might come to MySpace once the initial novelty of “oooh look at this shiny new UI” dies down.

But let's pause for a minute to reflect on the whole “MySpace shouldn't be a Social Site” mentality. Allow me to quote from a blog editorial that explains why Google+ was such a non-starter:

That launch-first, fix-it-later strategy has worked marvelously for Google in the past. Gmail didn’t match all of Microsoft Outlook’s features from the beginning—it didn’t even have a delete button—but the stuff it did have (lots of storage and fast search) was so compelling that people were willing to stick with it until it became the best email program in existence. In the same way, I switched to Chrome because it was faster than any other browser I’ve ever used—and I stuck with it even though it lacked add-ons or the ability to bookmark many tabs at once. (It has since added those features.)

But a social network isn’t a product; it’s a place. Like a bar or a club, a social network needs a critical mass of people to be successful—the more people it attracts, the more people it attracts. Google couldn’t have possibly built every one of Facebook’s features into its new service when it launched, but to make up for its deficits, it ought to have let users experiment more freely with the site. That freewheeling attitude is precisely how Twitter—the only other social network to successfully take on Facebook in the last few years—got so big. When Twitter users invented ways to reply to one another or echo other people’s tweets, the service didn’t stop them—it embraced and extended their creativity. This attitude marked Twitter as a place whose hosts appreciated its users, and that attitude—and all the fun people were having—pushed people to stick with the site despite its many flaws (Twitter’s frequent downtime, for example). Google+, by contrast, never managed to translate its initial surge into lasting enthusiasm. And for that reason, it’s surely doomed.”

And that's why there needs to be some semblances of the old Social aspect of MySpace brought back: Groups, Forums, Blogs, Bulletins, Videos, Chat – all could easily be incorporated into what Specific Media is doing with the site now without being a distraction from their main goals of being a music site.

Not capitalizing on the growing discontent with Facebook would be a mistake, IMHO. The internet has been crying out for some kind of alternative for quite awhile if you listen to what people are saying.

Take for example a couple of the aspects that made Old “Space” a screaming success: Groups and Forums. People need more reasons to congregate here than just music. One of the best things about early MySpace was that you could find lots of people through  variety of common interests. I created the ONLY group for the movie "O Brother Where Art Thou" when it was still a “thing.” It allowed me to connect with others who appreciated it as well, and then I could more easily target myself to the Folk and Gospel Markets.

Same goes if you were a Trekkie - or into Gameboy - or Pokemon - or NBA Basketball - or Underwater Basket Weaving; whatever the thing you're all up in, there was a Space for it. We need to facilitate that human connection, and people's thirst for creativity that's been stifled by Facebook's sterile “Doctor's Office” professionalism.

I promoted my music on Facebook for a brief time, and the restriction on Friend requests killed it for me. But I did manage to get some fans through a group I started in sort of a half joking fashion: “Make The Beatles 'Birthday' the Official Birthday Song” (as opposed to "Happy Birthday To You.”) That's the benefit of allowing us to be self starters in our own creative method of reaching people!

One last example and I'm done: If you don't believe me, believe someone who should be “in the know” like Mark Cuban:

Tech billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says he is fed up with Facebook and will take his business elsewhere. He's sick of getting hit with huge fees to send messages to his team's fans and followers.”
Two weeks ago Cuban tweeted out a screen grab of an offer he'd received from Facebook. The social network wanted to charge him $3,000 to reach 1 million people. Along with the screen grab, Cuban wrote, 'FB is blowing it? This is the first step. The Mavs are considering moving to Tumblr or to new MySpace as primary site.'”

If that doesn't settle the issue, I don't know what will. MySpace may be planning more than they are letting on, but they would be foolish to not think outside the box at this time.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Abolish Columbus Day Protest In Down Town Seattle

Democracy Now! On Columbus Day, Indigenous Urge Honoring Native Culture, Teaching Americas' Genocide

Yeah, okay. I said I was going to do something about getting rid of Columbus Day, but I've been busy recording, so not any real time. In place of that, here's a good 2-part series by Democracy Now! on the historicity surrounding Columbus' coming to the Western Hemisphere, and a tribute song by Paul Revere & The Raiders. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Mr. Romney, do your research: Corporations DO get tax breaks to ship jobs overseas.

For those of you who endured the whole Presidential debate tonight, my condolences. Head over to the Youtube Channel for Democracy Now! - see Jill Stein & Rocky Anderson answer the same questions. It's like listening to people who actually have compassion. 

For now, I'd just like to correct something I heard Mitt Romney say that stuck in my craw, as a former IRS employee. I only caught portions of the debate, but apparently Obama said several times that he wanted to close tax loopholes for companies who ship jobs overseas. 

Mr. Romney responded in this way:

ROMNEY:The second topic, which is you said you get a deduction for taking a plant overseas. Look, I've been in business for 25 years. I have no idea what you're talking about. I maybe need to get a new accountant.
LEHRER: Let's...
ROMNEY: But -- but the idea that you get a break for shipping jobs overseas is simply not the case. (CROSSTALK) ROMNEY: What we do have right now is a setting where I'd like to bring money from overseas back to this country.

You have no idea what the President is talking about, Mr. Romney?

First off, it happens to have been the truth for several decades right now:

The deferral clause has been in the tax code for more than half a century and has outlasted numerous reform efforts. In April 1961, even as U.S.-backed rebels were dying at Cuba's Bay of Pigs, President Kennedy asked Congress to rewrite tax provisions that "consistently favor United States private investment abroad compared with investment in our own economy."

And the Obama administration has brought it up before and it's been verified by

"The law, right now, permits companies that close down American factories and offices and move those jobs overseas to take a tax deduction for the costs associated with moving the jobs to China or India or wherever."

-Sheldon Whitehouse, September 27th, 2010 in a speech on the Senate floor.

And now for the cherry on top of the Shit Sundae: Mr. Romney, you are one of those big buisnessmen who got a tax break off a company that is shipping jobs to China:

WASHINGTON -- Sensata Technologies is a healthy manufacturing company that employs nearly 200 workers at a factory in northern Illinois. The company has become the focus of national attention because it has been taken over by Bain Capital, which plans to shut the factory down, lay off the workers, and outsource the production to China before the end of the year.

The workers have pleaded with GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the founder of Bain Capital, to exert his considerable influence to save their jobs. Romney still makes millions each year in income from Bain. So far, he has declined to weigh in, and the factory is scheduled to close by the end of the year. 

While the workers and the town may suffer, Romney himself has done well as a result of Bain's work with the company. According to his recently released 2011 tax returns, Romney transferred $701,703 worth of Sensata stock to the Tyler Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit controlled by Romney. The gift is listed on page 323 of the .pdf, on form 8283 (below).

Kennedy tried to change it back in the day? Rotsa ruck tryin' to get it changed at all! But kudos to Obama for at least raising the issue.

Businesses get breaks in 3 different ways: 1) The normal deductions they would take whether they move to China or Kansas (as an example.) 2) They get to delay paying taxes on foreign profits until they bring those profits back to this country. So companies tend to keep the money with their foreign subsidiaries as long as possible. 3) They get U.S. tax credits for taxes they pay to foreign governments. Some companies figured out how to game the system by keeping their profits overseas while still claiming a tax credit for taxes paid to foreign governments.

I mean, you can call it whatever you want, but to me it looks like moving overseas is a pretty sweet deal for most corporations that do so. Problem is, Obama doesn't seem to be able to find the strength to make even his few good ideas stick.

FACT SHEET: President Obama’s Blueprint to Support U.S. Manufacturing Jobs, Discourage Outsourcing, and Encourage Insourcing:

Did Republicans oppose closing corporate tax loopholes for outsourcing? "

It's a bit complicated to explain these tax loopholes, so bear with us. Basically, the United States government taxes companies on foreign profits, which not all countries do. But companies don't have to pay taxes on foreign profits until they bring the profits back to this country. So companies tend to keep the money with their foreign subsidiaries as long as possible. But companies also get U.S. tax credits for taxes they pay to foreign governments. Some companies figured out how to game the system by keeping their profits overseas while still claiming a tax credit for taxes paid to foreign governments. The new rules say companies can't claim the foreign tax credit until bring the profits back to the United States."


Monday, September 24, 2012

Forbes Thought Of The Day

"When a man tells you he got rich through hard work, ask him: Whose?”

 — Don Marquis 

No shit. This popped up on Forbes just a minute ago.

They WILL have the last laugh...

The new Myspace
from Myspace on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The truth comes out...

The New "Nigger"

Update: This essay, read by its author, was flagged as “Hate Speech” on YouTube within hours of it being uploaded. A revised version of that video noting the censorship effort has been uploaded, and those who wish to fight the censors who marked this as “hate speech” are encouraged to mirror it.

Update 09/23/2012: The original video has been restored here.

Here it is:

 Written by Nurdy Dancing

"The New Nigger"

There was a time in the history of my country, when an entire demographic group was regularly pushed aside and disregarded – legally and socially. That group had some but not all of the rights that were granted to the rest of society and the rights they did have were ignored and denied with shocking regularity. Each member of the lower class was socially valued by how well they were liked and how useful the were to their superiors, the privileged class.

Members of the lower class were best advised to mind their manners around their betters. It was best not to say things their superiors wouldn’t like and in some cases it was advisable to avoid looking directly at them.

The lower class of people were expected to accept their treatment and some of them seemed to. It seems odd that anyone would accept their systemic mistreatment and abuse, but who could blame them, it was the safest thing to do. Those who fell in line and did their part to keep the superiors happy suffered less abuse than those who did not. It was easier to keep your head down and if asked a question or spoken to, it was safest to smile and say whatever the superior wanted to hear.

As is the case with any oppressed people the lower class became angry. Some of the lower class people became disobedient. They had the very laughable goal of equality. Those of the lower class who complained were troublemakers. Any member of the privileged class who supported those troublemakers were traitors.

There were words the upper class used to keep those lower beings in line, and check those who’d forgotten their place. One of these words seemed more effective than the others.

That was what they were, after all.

Niggers weren’t the same as human beings. They were legally and socially less than the privileged class. Niggers could be harmed and the police probably wouldn’t help them. Niggers were subject to vigilante justice.

I don’t know if it happened on a conscious level but I do not doubt that when a nigger was reminded that he was in fact a nigger, he realized he had stepped out of bounds and if a privileged citizen decided to punish him, there would be no help for him. That little reminder must have done wonders to shut an uppity nigger up.

The word was used so often that, it seems, it lost its effectiveness. Niggers learned to ignore the word, it didn’t hurt as much and sometimes it simply made them angry. The magic was gone and it was just another word, like stupid, or ugly.

In that time of social unrest there was a member of that lower class named Melvin B. Tolson. If you don’t know who that is, look up the ‘Forensic Society Debaters of Wiley College’ and you will learn that he was a troublemaker who dared to think that lower class people should be allowed to hold civil debate with the privileged class.

It was a rather unpopular idea which met great opposition. However when he did succeed in arranging for the oppressed to debate their superiors, the lower class people won. Looking back that is not surprising, the lower class were morally correct. What I find most interesting about their victory is the amount of struggle it took for the matter to reach debate.

The privileged class seemed to believe that the lower class were just dumb niggers, but I believe that was an excuse. I think that the privileged people knew that the societal norms were wrong and that everyone would realize it if the lower class people were ever allowed to show their intelligence. If the lower class showed the public that they were not dumb and dangerous, the injustices against them would be unnecessary and cruel.

It would be revealed that the privileged upper class were the ignorant, dangerous fools.

The opposition to a simple debate came from a fear of exposure.

You may believe that such societal norms and treatment are a thing of the past. That sort of thing could never go unchallenged today. People are more enlightened now… Right?

But I see it.

I see an entire class of people who can be harmed by a member of a privileged class and there is no help for them. They can be legally abused and everyone looks the other way. There are those members of the lower class who try to make themselves as useful to their superiors as possible or keep their heads down unless spoken to and then he’d better say what ever pleases his superior, that is the safest way to behave.

I hear the privileged use a few words to try and keep the troublemakers in line. One seems to be a particular favorite.


Misogynists aren’t the same as other human beings. You don’t have to listen to anything a misogynist says. They aren’t allowed the same rights as everyone else. Debate with the superiors? Pfft, what for? They are just a bunch of angry misogynists after all.

Don’t talk to me because you hate women…Nigger.

Their misogynistic posters got torn down? Serves the niggers right!

Debate? No, they are dangerous nig- oops, I mean, misogynists.

Of course this refusal and opposition to the very idea of debate has NOTHING at all to do with the knowledge that the people they call misogynists really do have something to complain about. This opposition isn’t fear this time… right? It’s legitimate concern that the people you so flagrantly antagonize, openly taunt and yet who have done nothing at all to harm you, will suddenly go ape-shit and assault a helpless innocent member of the privileged class.

It’s okay to wave weapons at them, because they’re misogynists.

Its okay to silence them. They are just misogynists.

It’s totally cool to disregard them cause you know… they’re misogynists, and everyone knows it.
You don’t have to treat the misogynists like human beings, so it isn’t bigotry. Everyone knows misogynists don’t get rights.

I can only hope that using this word to silence and shame someone you disagree with someday reaches the same public regard as coming right out and calling your opponent ‘nigger’.

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